How I Get Things DONE!

Every night before I go to sleep, I resolve that the next morning I will wake up and I will go for my walk/jog or workout, no questions asked.  Every morning, when I wake up I pay myself first, in time.  I spend time in dedication to my own health, happiness, positivity and love.  I get my … [Read more…]

I Invited My Wildness to Play

I am continuing my journey of practicing to use more writing in my journal and combining it with my “splotch art.”  I am truly enjoying the exercise of bringing them both together and exploring my feelings and writing more.  Such a wonderful way of self-expression, as well as creative freedom. Journaling reads:  If I invited my wildness to … [Read more…]

More Ideas, Tips and Tutorials…

Looking for more mixed media tips and tutorials! Follow me on Periscope! Get MORE, FREE tips, tutorials and ideas for your art journaling and mixed media projects. Watch me create via live-streaming. Follow me on Periscope. This is a quick tutorial about what Periscope is and how to Follow me on Periscope.  It’s easy, here’s how… Follow … [Read more…]