Did you set art/creative goals for 2018?

Each year, as always many set out with resolutions, goals and intentions.  I am no exception, except that I don’t really do resolutions anymore.  I set goals and adjust throughout the year, every year.  I do set goals and list things I want to achieve during the year.  It keeps me focused and guides my … [Read more…]

One BADASS Art Journal is Back for 2018

15 BADASS Instructors. 18 BADASS Mixed Media Lessons. One BADASS Art Journal. REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN! EARLY BIRD SPECIAL!!! SAVE $10 thru January 13, 2018. Enter code: SOBADASS at checkout. REGISTER BY SUNDAY, DECEMBER 17 AND YOU’LL BE ENTERED FOR A CHANCE TO WIN THIS BADASS SET OF ART SUPPLIES (already entered to win, get … [Read more…]