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Tiare Climbing Kennesaw

Climbing to the top of Kennesaw Mountain

2015 was a trying year!  I LOST everything and yet here I am.  Yes, I started over.  I started fresh.  Why?  Because I believe in dreams.  I believe in passion.  I believe in sharing. I have been sharing my creative passion, helping women discover and embrace their art for more than 10 years and cannot imagine my life without it.  Giving up is not an option.    You have got to take the bull by the horns and ride it!  You’ve got to live your passion! You’ve got to take action to live your dreams and sometimes you’ve got to take action again!

I started in the paper crafts industry knowing only that I loved to create. My passion had grown so much that I knew that I somehow had to turn my passion into profit.  I believed I had something that I could share with the world and that the world needed. That passion landed me my first paid client making a scrapbook.  That job netted me $800! Since then I have experienced great success in various areas of the industry as a Scrapper for Hire, Kit Club Owner, Card Maker, Artist, Designer, Event Planner, Instructor and Publisher.

Currently, I serve as an Designer for Faber Castell Design Memory Craft, Artist and Instructor for the Tiare Smith Designs brand and provide AMAZING online and onsite workshops, products and services that empower and inspire women all over the world!

I am having a joyous time making and selling art, teaching online workshops, creating fun products and so much more.  My success is moving me in another direction.  I find myself answering emails, phone calls and IMs about not only being an artist and making art but on the business side of things.  I thought well, if they have questions, so do you!

Now, I want to help you and be sure to share what I’ve learned.  Be the first to get actionable tips, techniques, tool and and information to start, build and grow your own creative business.