Check out My Beautiful Wings!

Happy, Creative Monday!  It’s time for 7 more creative prompts for the Embrace Your Art 365 Challenge. Each Monday, I pull 7 prompts and we create all week long. 365 days. 365 prompts. 365 pieces of art. New here, feel free to jump right in and start creating or learn more here!    Well here we go… Here … [Read more…]

Soar: Let Your Art Out

This is prompt 296/365:  Soar About my art: Spent a little time with my art.  I want to spend more time on my pages and get back to layering and playing with various media, textures, colors etc. My dragonfly represents the soar…soar in your art, soar in your freedom, soar in your life! Supplies used: acrylics, paper … [Read more…]

Tiaras and Tutus: We Party Hard!

Angie and Aysha turned 40 this year and decided to throw a surprise party for us, during our weekend retreat! This was so we could celebrate with them. Party complete with pajamas, eats, decorations, games(pin the tail on the donkey), a candy table, mini tiaras, cake, gifts for us and a balloon, wish release! Such … [Read more…]

Easy Embossing

This is prompt 294/365 Embossing. Thanks Sylvia Swinton About my art: I kept it simple.  Stamped and embossed image, with splotch flowers.  Embossing is easy whether using embossing powder to get a raised stamped image or an imprint made using machines like the Cuttlebug.  Supplies used: Inktense Blocks, stamp, embossing powder.   Tomorrow is day 295 Get this … [Read more…]