Using Fun Fabric Shapes and Remnants

Just another quick tip for your creativity! Have you ever checked with your local fabric store to see if they have a remnants section or room?  Oh the lovelies you can find from pieces of fabric, to lace, to appliqués.  So much fun and not expensive.  Go. See. Create. Your welcome!  Teehee. Missed the last … [Read more…]

Creative Tip: The Art of Numbers

Just another quick tip for your creativity! Numbers are just so much fun.  Add them to your creativity, to your background for an added “pop” of interest. Grab your ink sprays to create a colorful background and then a stencil and dab on ink or acrylics to add your numbers. Mmmmmmm. Missed the last creative … [Read more…]

10 Tips to Ignite Your Creative Mojo!

We all experience it, you know those lulls in creativity.  You sit, you stare at the blank page, you cannot pull yourself up to your creative space, your get-up-and-go has got-up-and-gone.  Your head and heart seem void of inspiration. Uuuugggghhh… Well, I’m here to help with a few ideas, that I hope will spark your … [Read more…]