My Art Coming to a Store Near You!

OMG!!!!! SO EXCITED!!!! They are here! When I first saw this, it took my breath away and filled my eyes with tears. My beautiful angel plaques are beginning to ship to Hallmark and Christian Bookstores around the WORLD!!!! Woohoo! Here’s a little peek at the catalog of what may be available in a store near … [Read more…]

Sharing What’s in My Head and My Heart

At the beginning of each year, I start the year jazzed. Ready for new beginnings, excited about all the possibilities. My mind is overflowing with ideas, inspiration and desire. My calendar is literally filled with planned vacations, retreats, my art business plans and birthdays. I believe I can conquer it all! FIYAH! In this process … [Read more…]

Did you set art/creative goals for 2018?

Each year, as always many set out with resolutions, goals and intentions.  I am no exception, except that I don’t really do resolutions anymore.  I set goals and adjust throughout the year, every year.  I do set goals and list things I want to achieve during the year.  It keeps me focused and guides my … [Read more…]