About Me


My name is Tiare Smith. I am a loving wife, sister, aunt, daughter, friend, passionate paper crafter, mixed media artist, art journaler, creativity coach, healthy lifestyle advocate, positivity cheerleader, lover of all things colorful, good, wonderful and fun!


I have been “artsy” every since I could hold a pencil. At the tender age of only 3 years old, I experienced one of my greatest and probably most painful works of art.  I decided to redecorate our brand new yellow, leather sofa with beautiful black ink! The experience did not discourage me, it just taught me to enjoy my art on smaller, more porous surfaces! LOL!

I made journals and mixed media as a teen but did not know anything about about the genre, at that time. I enjoyed drawing daily and it came to me naturally. Trying to take the easy way out as a senior in college…I took a drawing class to get an easy A. I got that A but the experience of being made to draw things I had no interest in, spoiled the desire and I put my pencil down for approximately 18 years. Today, I understand the lessons that I failed to realize at a young age.

FDD 48 Date Day

In the meantime, as I waited for my art to return I found scrapbooking and card making.  I quickly fell in love with this great hobby and became quite passionate about preserving memories and sharing this great craft with others. Since learning this craft over 12 years ago, I experienced great success in various areas of the industry as a, Scrapper for Hire, Kit Club Owner, Card Maker, Altered Artist, Designer, Event Planner, Instructor and Publisher.

I taught for local scrapbook stores and at national conventions. My work has been published in numerous scrapbook magazines and idea books included Creating Keepsakes, Memory Makers and PaperKuts to name a few.

I have picked up my pencil once again and my work and mediums have expanded. I am enjoying my art in an old familiar, yet freeing way through art journaling and mixed media arts. However, it didn’t come easy.  Getting started was a little shaky.  My inner critic was speaking loudly and often.  Not only did I feel like my drawing was not good enough(compared to others), I had a really tough time starting a page.  It left me feeling defeated.  I wanted to art, yet I could not get past myself!

This went on for months until knowing what I learned and have known for many years crept back into my life.  You see, I had been quite successful at weight loss (lost 120 lbs) and had always believed in positive self talk and surrounding myself with goodness, and good people.  So, I began to incorporate these same techniques into my art journey.   I started playing more and day after day, the burden was lifted.

Sep 2 Face

Today, I get totally excited at the thought of painting, inking, misting, splashing, splattering and so much more. I embrace the freedom of creativity and art however it flows and I encourage you to do the same!

If you ever find yourself, comparing yourself to others, judging your art or being fearful of the blank page, just take a deep breath, say something loving to yourself and begin.

“Tiare, you have truly been a blessing to me. May  you continue creating and showing others how to express themselves and their beauty on paper and canvas.”  Annell