Pocket Full of Posies Tote Bag Tutorial

Happy Friday! A fun tutorial to get you ready for some warm, weather, fun! Originally, created for DecoArt. EnJOY!

NOTE: Let dry completely between painting steps.

Launder the canvas tote bag according to SoSoft® Fabric Paint label instructions.

Use the Americana Oopsy Daisy Stencil to pencil in the flowers.

Paint the large flowers using a 1/2″ flat brush and Indian Turquoise. Paint the smaller flowers using a 1/4″ flat brush and True Blue. Paint the centers of the flowers in Hauser Light Green and the stems in Lamp Black.

Shade the flowers in Primary Blue and Ocean Blue. Use the handle end of the brush to paint the Lamp Black dots in the centers of the flowers.

Add two squirts of Indian Turquoise to a spray bottle along with about 1 oz. of water. Shake well to mix. Mist bag to create a fun layer of sky. Repeat with Hauser Light Green for a layer of grass.


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