When was the last time you felt COURAGEOUS?

Hey Loves!  It’s week 17 of the I Feel Positively Challenge 2018! Today’s prompt is…

I feel positively COURAGEOUS. 

This week, we are practicing our COURAGE in big and small ways.

Here, I share a peek at my art journal page for the week.

Now you create a card, art journal page, painting…whatever, your heart’s desire using this week’s prompt. Share your stories of courage of stepping out of your comfort zone.

Last week we practiced feeling positively ADAPTABLE.    This week we are practicing our COURAGE and stepping out of our comfort zone.   I’ve got a step-out, process photos for you too, in the classroom!  Learn about this challenge and how you can participate and get more?  See below.

You’re invited to embrace life positively. To believe in and honor your own beauty. To create abundantly!  Join me for a year of feeling positively. Let go of your negative thoughts, feelings and words and instead hold dear your true radiance.  Not only will we create art together but we’ll put the prompts into practice in our every day lives…together.

Let’s play! #embraceyourart  #ifeelpositively

Follow along here for FREE to get the prompt and start creating OR


  • Definition of prompt
  • Fun, easy ideas for implementing/practicing the prompt into your life
  • Sketch to inspire your creativity.
  • Process videos and more!
  • Includes 52 Week Sketch Challenge PDF Book to use for your creative inspiration.
  • Color palette to inspire your creativity
  • Sample idea for creating. My interpretation of the prompt, sketch and colors.


SUPPLIES USED: (supplies not pictured Faber Castell Doodle Mixed Media Stencils.)



#embraceyourart #ifeelpositively


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