I Feel Positively LOVING

Hello Love!  It’s week 8 of the I Feel Positively Challenge 2018! Today’s prompt is…

I feel positively LOVING. 

Here, I share a peek at my art journal page for the week.

Now you create a card, art journal page, painting…whatever, your heart’s desire using this week’s prompt.

Last week we practiced feeling MINDFUL  What powerful lessons and pages you created.   This week we are being loving towards ourselves and others!  And I share step-out photos so you can create along with me.

Want more?  Learn about this challenge and how you can participate and get more?  See below.

You’re invited to embrace life positively. To believe in and honor your own beauty. To create abundantly!  Join me for a year of feeling positively. Let go of your negative thoughts, feelings and words and instead hold dear your true radiance.  Not only will we create art together but we’ll put the prompts into practice in our every day lives…together.

Let’s play! #embraceyourart  #ifeelpositively

What is this: A fun FREE challenge to inspire and encourage you to embrace your positive side.  A new prompt is released each week throughout 2018.

What to expect: Each week, I will release an “I feel positively….” prompt. You then create an art journal page, card, painting, tag or whatever your heart desires.  I will also include a sneak peek of my art journal page.

I will give you a few ideas for incorporating practicing, remembering your “positively” prompt for the week.  This is truly about your art and your heart!

When does the challenge begin? We start January 1st 2018.

How long does this go? Every Monday throughout 2018

How can I participate?  There are two ways to participate! 



  • Creative Prompt and Sneak Peek of my journal each Monday.
  • Follow my blog right here tiaresmith.com
  • SIGN UP FOR MY MAILING LIST (you’ll get some cool, FREE tutorials, as well)
  • Follow me on Instagram & Twitter @iamclassygirl
  • Share your art, photos, writing etc. on Instagram and Twitter by using #embraceyourart or #ifeelpositively
  • Join me in the Embrace YOUR Art Group on Facebook


Each week you’ll receive

  • A creative, “I Feel Positively” Prompt
  • Definition of prompt
  • Fun, easy ideas for implementing/practicing the prompt into your life
  • Sketch to inspire your creativity.
  • Includes 52 Week Sketch Challenge PDF Book to use for your creative inspiration.
  • Color palette to inspire your creativity
  • Sample idea for creating. My interpretation of the prompt, sketch and colors.

You’ll leave this yearlong challenge:

  • With an arsenal of creative ideas for future use.
  • Ideas for tapping into your own positivity.
  • A resource you can use again and again for creative energy.
  • Inspired art and heart.
  • Lifetime access to the classroom, prompts etc.


  • 12+ process videos.
  • Private Facebook Group for sharing and interacting
  • Facebook Live Sessions Throughout the Year to create and chat.


#embraceyourart #ifeelpositively

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    I always love getting your emails. Your titles bring so much joy. Thank you so much for sharing yourself classygirl!

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