Tip Tuesday: My New Art Journals

So I had a Michael’s 50% off coupon.  And…well um…I make sure the hubs has the app too. Therefore, I can save even more. Teehee.

I used my coupon to buy these two cool journals.  He bought a journal and I bought a journal. Woot! Woot!  I really love that I can alter the covers of each. I love Dylusions journals. The thickness of the paper is fabulous for painting and inking. However, I do add some masking tape in the center of the pages. With lots of wet medium the color tends to seep through and can seep through several layers of pages. However, since my journal is black, I am not sure what art will live inside..white ink drawing or full artsy pages with much color. We’ll see.

This is the first time I have purchased a Jane Davenport Journal.  I love that it has a canvas cover and is filled with hot pressed watercolor paper for my creative delights.  Stay tuned.  I’ll be sharing an update on what I think of this journal, hopefully in a few short weeks.

Do you use Dylusions or Jane Davenport Journals?  What do you think?

Journals pictured. Click each image to learn more: 


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  1. I use both. I’m almost done with the smaller of the Jane Davenport journals. It’s great with watercolor and paint. No complaints really. It’s my “travel” art journal. I just started using a large Dylusions journal as well. No complaints there either, although I did notice the paint seep through so I’ll have to masking tape the seams!

  2. Caroline

    I don’t have either as too expensive. I’m very drawn to JD new ones but still remains on “when I have pennies” list. To that end, the ones I have are non brand name journals. They still have great paper within & I always use masking tape if I’m going to “properly” art journal (i.e. a page I plan to keep in the book). I rarely do though, as so far, I’ve only used as practice for techniques or wipe off waste from other projects. I then take pages out & use for lots of other things. Never wasted. I’m not sure this is relevant to your post. However, I feel it’s important for peeps to know, there are ways to journal on a budget. Of course I’d like to have both of your journals but my bank manager says “No!” Lol😉

    • classygirl

      Information shared is always useful. These are just two I recently purchased. I actually, typically make my own or just use paper.

  3. Cathy

    I have the Dylusions journal. I like that it has black pages but it’s been a challenge for me to use it. I’m still learning how to create depth without bulk.

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