Sharing What’s in My Head and My Heart

At the beginning of each year, I start the year jazzed. Ready for new beginnings, excited about all the possibilities. My mind is overflowing with ideas, inspiration and desire. My calendar is literally filled with planned vacations, retreats, my art business plans and birthdays. I believe I can conquer it all! FIYAH! In this process I start thinking about the other things I am passionate about and how I can share and inspire others. I always want to share my healthy lifestyle journey, help others build their own art/craft/creative business and also share my “he said, she said” moments of being married (I think we could encourage, inspire and make a few people laugh…I finally believe men are from mars and women are from venus..LOL!) However, I always think of these as 3…well 4 very distinct adventures and I become overwhelmed with the idea. Somewhere along the way, I ask myself…why can’t this be one blog of me sharing it all…my art, me healthy lifestyle journey, my life as an artpreneuer..ideas and inspiration trickled in with my wife life. Sort of like sharing more of my authentic self, my stories, my life…basically my heart and my head all in one place. Then, I go back to no…it must be separate…so I decide against it. Trying to find that perfect balance in sharing my loves. Do you follow a blog that covers more than one subject like this? Can it be done together while also continuing to build my art business all in one place? All right here?

Hmmmm? 2018?


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  1. Emie

    My suggestion is to do it your way! I do follow all sorts of blogs with multiple subjects discussed. What resonates with me more than anything is authenticity.

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