Purging my Arts and Crafts Room

It’s the Great Purge of 2018.  I have been wanting to do this for years but never found the energy to really do it…until now.

I am cleaning, rearranging and purging all at the same time. I refuse to simply reorganize and move things around.

Some of you know that I was an avid scrapbooker and card maker before I dived into art journaling and mixed media. I still scrapbook when I get a chance at my 3x a year retreats with my crafty sistahs. What this means is, I literally could have 2 separate rooms a craft room for my scrapbooking and card making stuff and art room for all of my paints, mediums, stencils and stuff!  LOL!

Well so much of that stuff I no longer use or even look at. So, it’s time to clear my space and open my heart and mind to more creativity.

Cluttered space. Cluttered mind. Cluttered body.

Not anymore. I find it quite interesting that this falls right line with us doing the Whole 30 this month.  Clean body. Clear thinking. Cleaned space.

My energy and clarity is AMAZING. I feel great and sleeping like a baby.  Taking advantage of this energy.  Once done, I plan to donate some items, do a couple giveaways and create some cool grab boxes.

Today, is day four. Going in for more of the destash!

Have an AMAZING day.

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  1. Carol A.

    Great job Tiare! I did this last Spring and got rid of alot of stuff I no longer needed. I donated some to the school, gave some to friends and then I had that box of “what if I need that stuff?” I had the hubby put the box away in storage and told him that if I didn’t ask for any of it for a year, he could donate the whole big box. So far, I have only gotten in the box one time….so I guess it will all be going soon. Keep up the good work!

    • classygirl

      Ha! I did the maybe I will use box last year at this time. I do think I got out one thing but only used once. I am not doing that this time. If I haven’t been using it for some years, I am not holding on to it.

  2. We moved from our 2500 ft home in 2016… now traveling the US in our fifth wheel. I had an entire studio room and a bunch of stuff in the garage. It was time…Living small was a difficult thing for me…no, it was painful, but today I can truly say…less is more…more creative, more happy, more relaxed. Don’t get me wrong, I still have lots of stuff and am honking of downsizing even more! Thanks for sharing yourself. You are an inspiration to me. Hope someday our physical paths cross. Patrice

    • classygirl

      In the coming years we may be downsizing, as well. So this is such a good start for me. I realize more and more that I enjoy a fairly clear, uncluttered space. Would find it very cool to simply have a room with only a desk and easel…with all supplies in the closet. Still haven’t gotten down to that small but I am working on it.

  3. Susan

    I need to do this too. Lighten my load. Scale back to only what’s important and meaningful. Question is, what do you do with all the unwanted “stuff”?

    • classygirl

      The 3 things I mentioned on the blog that I’ll be doing are donating, giveaways and grab boxes. Don’t have any additional ideas outside of that…other than perhaps posting some stuff online to sell.

    • classygirl

      Good for you. Long process. I have much to go through but am feeling really great about the progress. The room is pretty clean just have a few more things to go through and I am done. If I keep at it, I am hoping to be done by the end of next week…fingers crossed. Wow! Typing that sounds amazing!

  4. Linda

    Good for you, I’m feeling inspired to create a space for myself in my house and organize and set myself up to craft!!! I’m a newbie so not much to all of this but I don’t have a dedicated space which makes it impossible to easily do anything…without bin diving LOL
    I think I’ll start planning and setting up a space TODAY!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Katrina Anthony

    This is a wonderful idea! Many of us have been blessed to purchase supplies over the years and now they are collecting dust. I purged at the end of last year and was able to gift a Cricut machine with all the supplies to a newbie crafting sis.

    • classygirl

      That is wonderful. I love that I am able to share art supplies with others through donations, giveaways and even my grab boxes.

  6. Darvi

    Awesome sauce! Mine is an ongoing project; downsized living space means I have to make some adjustments (been putting them off). One is getting rid of a large desktop and opting for something more streamlined (now in a tiny room instead of a massive 18×24 room) so that I can be more orderly. Right now that large desktop is a dumping ground… Kudos!

    • classygirl

      Thanks so much. Sometimes, I think smaller spaces are a blessing because it forces us to be more organized and perhaps more creative with less stuff.

  7. Dee Poellnitz

    Shaking my pom-poms at you! Your drive always fascinates me. I created a card for a friend last week. I’m so outta practice, it took me forever. But I am determined to make use of my little room. He’s given me the time, so I am going to be a good steward…no more couch potato. Thought about Scrap & Fit today at the gym. 😉

    • classygirl

      Hi Dee. I wish I knew then what I know now…Scrap n Fit might still exist. However, I am still keeping my health in front and still creating. Good for you for pushing yourself to create.

  8. BridgetAnne

    Awesome! I love clean body clear mind cleaned space…..I have been desiring this forever.
    I can even do anything in my room at all. I bring things to the dining table to work. When the create nudge taps me I shake it off because of all this STUFF. So my hubby went to Florida for a few days so I decided to pull everything out and purge. Thanks for the motivation, it was the lovely help I needed to get er done. I really enjoy your inspiration in your creativity.
    Love you sistah💜

    • classygirl

      Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. Good for you for deciding to make some time to clear your space. It really feels so good!

  9. Helen Louise Kemp

    Am in the process of sorting out my craft room . Our lay minister has a sweet heart of a daughter who is very shy so I’m going to give her a load of stuff that I don’t want

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