One BADASS Art Journal is Back for 2018

15 BADASS Instructors. 18 BADASS Mixed Media Lessons. One BADASS Art Journal.

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN! EARLY BIRD SPECIAL!!! SAVE $10 thru January 13, 2018. Enter code: SOBADASS at checkout.

REGISTER BY SUNDAY, DECEMBER 17 AND YOU’LL BE ENTERED FOR A CHANCE TO WIN THIS BADASS SET OF ART SUPPLIES (already entered to win, get a second entry when you sign up by Sunday, December, 17, 2017)

Create BADASS Art. Play with BADASS art journaling and mixed media techniques. Learn from BADASS instructors! Empower your inner BADASS!

One BADASS Art Journal is back for 2018 and is designed to empower you to create, to learn, to feel confident and provide you with the tools, techniques and encouragement needed to feel BADASS every day that you make art!

The theme for 2018 is: Empower YOUR inner BADASS. You know, that BADASS who exists within, who yearns to play, to create, to be free. That BADASS who will throw the paint, try the technique, be free in her art, who will play, who will enjoy her art, who will try! That BADASS who will NOT allow fear to stop her, who gets up 9 times after being knocked down 8. Let us inspire, encourage and EMPOWER YOUR inner BADASS through BADASS Mixed Media Art Lessons.

I’m excited to introduce this AMAZING, DIVERSE group of BADASS instructors who will inspire you to EMPOWER YOUR inner BADASS!



BADASS BUNDLE 1: Includes One BADASS Art Journal 2018, Gratitude Junk Journal 2017, Splatter, Splotch and Splash III and All About that Face.

BADASS BUNDLE 2: Includes One BADASS Art Journal 2018, Gratitude Junk Journal 2017, and Splatter, Splotch and Splash III

In this workshop you’ll:

• get 19 badass art journal lessons (18 art journal lessons plus 1 bookmaking lesson)

• learn BADASS mixed media techniques

• be infused with confidence, creativity and EMPOWERMENT

• learn great tips and tricks you can use again and again

• play with a variety of tools, adding to your skills

• experience beautiful color combinations and blending techniques

• make BADASS, mixed media, art journal pages

Here’s what you can expect:

• Step-by-Step Mixed Media Tutorials

• Video Tutorials

• Downloadable PDFs

• Wonderful for beginners or anyone who wants to embrace their inner BADASS.

Goody bag for all registrants with additional tutorials, discounts, printables and giveaways. BONUS

5 FB Live Sessions (BONUS)

You’ll leave this workshop:

• fueled with confidence in your skills.

• with a creative arsenal at your disposal

• with a collection of badass art journal pages

• with one badass art journal

• feeling EMPOWERED to create.

• feeling mighty BADASS


SPECIAL BONUS: sign up now and you’ll receive

1 BADASS handmade art journal lesson….an AMAZING book to hold all your BADASS art!

BONUS 5 FB Live creative sessions

BONUS Goody bag with additional gifts and surprises…tutorials, downloads, discounts etc.


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