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True confession. I can be a bit ridiculous when it comes to my birthday. It’s in December, December 8 to be exact, which means it could totally be overwhelmed by Christmas. I mean Christmas is everywhere and everyone is planning for Christmas and sometimes December birthdays can get left out in the cold. LOL! You see what I did there. Teehee. I have made it very clear in my household that Christmas does not begin until December 9. LOL! That’s when the tree goes up.

This time of year always gets us in the gift giving mood. However, it also gets us in the gift receiving mood. LOL! I don’t know about you but I love to give gifts but keeping it real, I love receiving gifts, as well.

Since this is a double whammy for the hubs he asks for and receives a list of ideas. I love to give him ideas big and small. Sometimes, I get things from the list…sometimes I get surprises. Either way I am so very grateful. This year is very special to me because I am turning 49 and the day after I enter into my 50th year of life and I plan to celebrate all year long! I will treat myself every week to something. I will also check off items on My 50 Before 50 List. Perhaps the hubs (and maybe a few friends and family…teehee) will play along throughout the year. LOL! Anyway, here are some items on my list. **What’s on your list?**

* Blick Gift Card
* Michael’s Gift Card
* New York and Company Gift Card
* Old Navy Gift Card
* Visa Gift Card
* Dark Chocolate (70-80% Cacao)
* Dragonfly Pin
* Dragonfly bracelet or necklace
* Dragonfly stuff. LOL!
* Cozy socks
* Chuck Taylors (converse) Size 9 in any color
* Roundtrip Airfare to Chicago from Atlanta (to visit my mom)
* Garrett’s Popcorn Gift Card
* Scratch off Lottery Tickets.



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  1. […] My thoughts: My experience. My love for celebrating says…it’s true! I thought this was fitting seeing that my birthday is Friday!  I celebrate each year from December 1 through December 8.  However, this year is super special because on December 9…that party won’t stop…it’s goes through December 8, 2018. You can read a bit about it here.  […]

  2. Christina

    I totally get the birthday being swallowed up by a holiday thing. My birthday is Nov 24th so it’s always near or on Thanksgiving (or black Friday like this year). It’s a good thing that we born under Sagittarius are pretty go with the flow! Happy to celebrate with you!!!

  3. […] I plan to update maybe 1 or 2 times per month.  Also, several people have asked about playing along or helping me to achieve my goals.  Let me keep it real.  I am not turning down gifts. LOL!  As a matter-of-fact, if you are so moved…I am accepting scratch off lottery tickets from anyone who wishes to send me one, two or three.  LOL!  Laughing but very serious.  I’ll take ’em, send ’em to me! And you can check out my simple yet fun wish list here.  […]

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