My LOVE Affair with Inktense

I am so excited about diving into using my Inktense this January.  Many of you know that I simply LOVE Inktense Blocks.  It remains at the top of my list of art supplies. I thought I’d jump in and share this with you, especially for those of you who plan to join me for the I Feel Positively 2018 Challenge. I’ll be using Inktense Blocks throughout the year.  They are just so darn yummy!

Here’s another art journal page I created using Inktense Blocks and the cool technique I’ll be sharing for making beautiful art journal pages again and again during the I Feel Positively 2018 Challenge.

A few ways you can use Inktense Blocks:

  • Like a water color
  • Create a wash
  • Color directly on page and activate with water

Best part you can make them a light tint or vibrant and they dry permanently!  Ooooo weeeee!

Supplies used:

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