My 50 Before 50 List

Well it’s coming. I’m planning for it and I am planning to enJOY every moment of it.  I am making my way to 50.  I turn 50 in December 2018 and I have been thinking about it quite a bit lately.  50 is an age that makes you think about your life, what you have done, what you are going to do and for me, it just makes me think about how important it is to LIVE, to be happy, to play, to do more of what you LOVE, to be your authentic self, to surround yourself with people who love you and embrace life’s simple moments.  I don’t know if I have the right words but my tolerance for foolishness is low and my desire for sweet, happy moments is high.  So, I have decided to go about making my JOY…in my home, my closet, my experiences, my relationships, my life.

So I decided to pick 50 things that I want, plan to achieve and go about making them happen, planning, hoping, dreaming. Why not?

And I also decided, I’d share the list with you, write about it and share updates along the way.  I’ve got 14 months and 8 days.  Let’s go….

Here is the list, in no particular order

  1. Give flowers to 26 strangers.
  2. Adopt a Whole 30 Lifestyle (with a small modification, perhaps) Cheer me on!
  3. Positively inspire the lives of 10,000+ women through health, happiness and/or art
  4. Host 3 live, in person classes.
  5. Jump Double-dutch.
  6. Pay other artists by inviting them to teach along side me in my signature workshops.
  7. Eat an ice cream cone…outside.
  8. Swing by the lake.
  9. Win $1 million. I’ll be accepting all gifts of lottery tickets and scratch offs. Wink!
  10. Buy a new car…Audi Q5. This is the car my hubs would LOVE to have.  He is so amazing and supportive of me.  I’d LOVE to be able to give him one.  How cool would that be. Dream BIG or go home!  Why not?
  11. Go dancing with my hubby.
  12. Listen to live music…outside.
  13. Have a butterfly land on me.
  14. See a live dragonfly…dragonflies.
  15. Hold a brown baby…brown like me.
  16. Go to the beach.
  17. Put my feet in the ocean.
  18. Vacation in Los Angeles
  19. Celebrate 50 in St. Lucia.
  20. Spend my mom’s 70th Birthday with her.
  21. Make $1,000 per day.  I think I can. I think I can. I can. Why not?
  22. Meet someone famous.
  23. Read a book.  I read magazines. I read online but I have neglected my books. I used to read all the time and I miss it.
  24. Create a coloring book. Got some more drawing to do.
  25. Sit outside, play outside, be outside and just enjoy nature more.
  26. Take a night time walk.
  27. Take a ride along Lakeshore Drive, at night.
  28. Be a Vegetarian for a day.
  29. Be a Pescatarian for a week.
  30. Do 12 full plank push ups and 5 burpees.  I probably can do 8-10 push ups.  I don’t ever do burpees.  I think they are ridiculous. However, I want to be healthy and strong.
  31. Enjoy life. Have more fun, simple experiences. Play.
  32. Try a food I have never tried before.
  33. Try a dessert I have never tried before.
  34. Be invited to teach in 3 different collaborative workshops hosted by other artists. Hey! Do you host online classes?  Invite me to teach.  Let’s do this.
  35. Attend a live art class.
  36. Grow my art. Splotch art abstract, florals, faces and angels.  I plan to make more art!
  37. Purge/declutter my house.
  38. Spend more time with people I love. I’d love some time with Mom, brothers, Linda, Carol, Monique, Michelle, Sherri, Kim, Nicky…to name a few.
  39. All pink, everything. Pink is my favorite color. Yet..I don’t own as much pink stuff as I’d like…purse, boots, hat-scarf-glove set, bracelets, socks, pillow, mug….LOL! You get the idea. Hot pink/Fuchsia…not baby pink. LOL!
  40. Lose 35 pounds.  I am bringing in the rest of my life healthily and keeping it that way.
  41. Go to a concert.
  42. Create “Embrace Your Art” Creative Deck.
  43. Help someone to embrace their art, health and/or life.
  44. Learn to make clay angels.
  45. Live more creatively surrounding myself with only things I LOVE!
  46. Donate to a charity or someone in need, monthly.
  47. See a sunrise and a sunset.
  48. All doctors apps…dental, allergy, dermatologist, annual physical/exams.
  49. Get a massage
  50. Get a mani-pedi

Gosh…I could add so many more things but this is where it begins.  Typing it out makes it more real, puts it on my mind and sharing updates with you keeps it in front of me.

Stay tuned!

Here’s to an AMAZING journey.

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