Create this Cute Wall Hanging Today with Your Gelatos!

FC Hang 2

Here’s a little something I created for Design Memory Craft.

Occasionally, I enjoy creating wall hangings.   They are just a wonderful way to brighten a craft room, bedroom, office or cubicle and provide a word of encouragement and positivity.

This time, I decided to break out those,  “oh so, wonderful, dreamy, creamy,” Gelatos®, again!  Mmmmmm! Mmmmmmm!  I just cannot help myself.  They are so rich and fabulous!

Well, let’s go.  Here are the steps to make your own AMAZING wall hanging.

FC Hang 10

Grab your supplies.  Gelatos®, Whipped Spackle, Glass Bead Glitter Gel, Gel Medium,  (2)12×12 chipboard.  Wasn’t sure of the colors I would use, so I grabbed them all!  LOL!


FC Hang 9

Cut chipboard into 3, 6×12 pieces.


FC Hang 8

Stack 6×12 chipboard pieces.  Adhere using Gel Medium.


FC Hang 7

Next, spread on Whipped Spackle and draw on design using Gelatos® Double Scoop Chocolate, Licorice, Mango, Green Tea and Snow Cone and Gelatos® Black Cherry.


FC Hang 6

Grab a paintbrush, dip in water and spread Gelatos®.  Go from the lightest color to the darkest color.  Be sure to rinse brush before each color use.


FC Hang 5

Use a black acrylic paint marker to add outlines, sentiment and doodled details.


FC Hang 4

Use a white acrylic paint marker to add more highlights.  Add Gelatos® to create shadowing.


FC Hang 3

Add Glass Bead Glitter Gel to add even more dimension and sparkle to the large red poppies.

FC Hang 1

Lastly, punch holes, add eyelets and use wire, decorated with beads for hanging.

Tada!  Now hang it up and ENJOY!

Want to check out the previous tutorial?  Get it right here. 


Supplies Used: (not pictured: Chipboard)





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