Three ways a gathering can spark your creativity.

This past weekend I had the pleasure of spending time with both sides of my husband’s family.  Coincidentally, they both hosted their family reunions on  the same weekend in Atlanta.  What a joy for Robert to see his mom’s side and dad’s side in his own back yard.

It was a fun, busy and yes…tiring weekend.  However, we loved each moment.

My hubby’s family is HUGE!  We talk about it all the time.  His mom with 13 siblings and dad with 9…the names and faces go on and on and on.  With around 300 attendees at the banquet, I felt overwhelmed by the beauty of it all and so completely inspired. It was all white affair and it was gorgeous.  I swear if I had paint in the room, I might have started creating.  LOL!  The white on all the gorgeous shades of brown made me feel quite joyful.

Here’s how I felt creative and inspired to take my thoughts home with me.

  • Colors – white on white, shades of brown and white, how the white “pops” off the blue background below.

  • Shapes – all the pretty white on white patterns, as well as the round of the tables and plates, was quite fascinating.
  • Ideas – They had a PhotoBooth and I thought, it might be a cool idea to create a page using this concept of the squares, colors, sequence.

  • Texture – well, sparkle.  There was some pretty bling in the room on top of some of those white dresses and y’all know I love sparkle!

I realize how much more I notice things now that art journaling and making art is such a regular part of my life.  If you are open to it, you can find ideas and inspiration everywhere.  Pay attention.



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