Splatter, Splotch and Splash III Early Bird Special

Splatter, Splotch & Splash III Introduction from Classygirl on Vimeo.

Won’t you join me for the most meaningful, splotch art class yet? Join me as we continue our journey of creative freedom. Learn this amazing technique that allows you to make beautiful art again and again. With new tools, new techniques you’ll expand your creativity and artful practice. With easy, free flowing strokes, you’ll be amazed at what you can make.

We’ll explore this creative technique along with ancient symbols and words that move and touch your soul. We’ll create inspiration for your art and soul that you can turn to again and again.


Good Thru September 4, 2017






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  1. […] Do you use your Inktense for stamping and coloring?  You should.  These intense, colorful blocks are perfect for stamping yummy images.  Of course, you should also use them for coloring to create beautiful, vibrant art.  These are a favorite for creating AMAZING splotch art creations.  Are you making Splotch Art with me in Splatter, Splotch and Splash III? […]

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