Art, Sweet Tea and Me Vlog 7: Finding your creative mojo.

Something new. Something different.  Something to share my life as an artist, a little sweet tea to make you smile and a bit of me to make you smile more.  LOL!

Come in, sit down, grab a cuppa and stay with me.  It’s short and filled with happy!

This week, I talk about finding your creative mojo.  Woot.

…and if you missed last week’s vlog, you can check it out here!

Is there a question you’d like me to answer during one of my weekly vlogs, anything you want to know?   Comment below and I’ll try to get an answer for you.

Have a super day,







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  1. Bonnie Sato

    You are amazingly honest and giving with your spirit and and your art. I so needed to hear this vlog and feel the thoughts. I have been comparing my work to others which is losing authenticity…I never thought of it that way. I spent yesterday sorting through my supplies, holding them in my hand and revisiting their use. I used to make little dolls and I have all the parts made, I just need to put them together or let them go. It is an art form far from journaling or painting, but I was good at it. Thinking, feeling, planning and doing are all part of the process. Thank you!

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