10 Tips to Ignite Your Creative Mojo!

We all experience it, you know those lulls in creativity.  You sit, you stare at the blank page, you cannot pull yourself up to your creative space, your get-up-and-go has got-up-and-gone.  Your head and heart seem void of inspiration. Uuuugggghhh…

Well, I’m here to help with a few ideas, that I hope will spark your creativity.

These are in no particular order.

10 Tips to Ignite Your Creative Mojo

  1. Have the right mindset. Set your intentions.  Sometimes, it’s as simple as making time to create.  Make it a priority.  Set it in your heart, mind and your schedule. If you don’t think about it or make time for it, it may not happen.
  2. Relax, don’t force creativity, instead just go with what you feel.  Sometimes, we may need to sit back and relax and let our emotions and feelings naturally flow, until we come back around.  It’s ok.  It may come back, bigger and stronger than you imagined.
  3. Participate in a creative challenge:  There are challenges happening all the time, that might spark your creativity.  I share a quote and creative challenge here on my blog and in my Embrace Your Art Facebook Group every Monday. Join in!
  4. Take a walk…nature is inspiring.  Not to mention how good it is for your heart and soul.
  5. Get inspiration from your favorite mug, bowl, pillow, outfit etc.  I love finding inspiration right at home.  Pull out a few of those, “favorite things.”  Allow the colors, shapes, whatever makes you happy about it, inspire your creativity.
  6. Follow some of your favorite artists on instagram.  I hope I am one.  LOL!  You can find me @iamclassygirl
  7. Scribble or splash color on the page…just start.  Just push to start, quite often this is all I need.
  8. Watch a few videos. YouTube is full of wonderful videos that may give you the pick-me-up you need. Oh…and yes, I have a channel with plenty of videos and tutorials for you here.
  9. Check out YOUR old journals/creations.  Look through your own journals.  Challenge yourself to recreate something from the past and see how your style/skills have changed.
  10. Sign up for an online class. One of my favorite things to do is simply to pull up a lesson and start or complete it.  Need class suggestions?  I’ve got a few that I offer, right here.

I shared these tips along with my own battle with loss of mojo on my Art, Sweet Tea and Me Vlog this week.  Check it out here.

I hope that helps.  I hope you create. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter below and inspiration will be delivered directly to you!




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