Vlog Week 4: Interviewed by An Aspiring Teen Artist

Something new. Something different.  Something to share my life as an artist, a little sweet tea to make you smile and a bit of me to make you smile more.  LOL!

Come in, sit down, grab a cuppa and stay with me.  It’s short and filled with happy!

This week, I share a being interviewed by an aspiring teen artist.   We have no idea what we are doing!  However, she asks and I answer her questions on camera.  It’s fun and free flowing…no editing just us.

…and if you missed last week’s vlog, you can check it out here! 

Additional note: There is so much more to my story and how I got here.  I could talk on this subject again and again.  I will share more of my story in a future vlog and surely will share more thoughts about the business side of things. 

Got questions?  Want to know/learn more?  Comment below and I will answer in a future vlog.

Have a super day,


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  1. Julie Kacinas

    I really enjoyed this Vlog its so awesome to have a special guest with you that admirers you that you inspire as an Artist. Its so wonderful to learn more about you and your business and what it takes to be an Successful Artist. Sarah’s drawings are beautiful i love them. Your super sweet.

  2. Tiare I loved your story on how you ended up where you are. I had always wanted to be an artist but my Mom said “artists don’t make any money.” So she talked me into going into teaching. After doing my student teaching I discovered that wasn’t my cup of tea. I ended up joining the National Guard and working full time for them for 34 years. Now I am back doing what I love – my art! Still I think those paths we take to get back to art help are part of what makes us who we are as an artist. We now have matured and have the discipline to stick with it when the art doesn’t go the way we expected. I love looking at your work and your process. Thanks for the vlogs.

    • classygirl

      Thanks so much, Donna. Yes, that maturity has helped me in art and business. It was a necessary journey.

  3. Helen Louise Kemp

    Totally awesome . Your such an awesome mentor , my daughter has a mentor on her child care course and mentors shouldn’t be under estimated .

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