Blog Week 5: Make Money, Making Art?

Something new. Something different.  Something to share my life as an artist, a little sweet tea to make you smile and a bit of me to make you smile more.  LOL!

Come in, sit down, grab a cuppa and stay with me.  It’s short and filled with happy!

This week, I talk about helping others to build, grow or start their own creative business.

…and if you missed last week’s vlog, you can check it out here! 

What would you like to learn? What questions do you have?  Comment below.

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  1. Bonnie Sato

    You are a very impressive teacher as you teach from your heart. As a student I feel this connection to genuine happiness. I would like to have suggestions on how do you know that there is a market for your type of art? What do you do with your “art history” knowing that you have learned and created well beyond your first pieces? Is there a method you use to “control” your need (if you have one) to have more products? We all have the inner critic, how do you handle the “it isn’t good enough who would want it” self talk? And one last question, do you realize your broadening of color on paper has influenced what you are wearing in this video? Yellow looks good on you!

  2. Tommy Jo Anderson

    I make art to work through ‘stuff’. It’s not always fun, but it is ALWAYS therapeutic. As of late, I have been able to share my art through classes in my studio and I find that guiding others to use art for fun or therapy is most rewarding.
    I have been asked to create videos and I am afraid… very afraid…LOL
    I am currently making an series of art videos for a friend’s daughter (she is ten yrs old, artistic, but very introverted). I’m making them with my phone and trying to edit in movie maker which over heats my computer and shuts everything down. I literally stand and fan my computer with cardboard until the video is saved.
    I think I would love to know how you create great videos… set up… camera…editing software… etc.
    Maybe, I would eventually like to offer them for sale… make once and sell forever.
    I would love to learn this aspect of business, not to make my fortune, but because I think I can relate to and could help people (like me) who can use art in their lives as therapy to work through life situations and emotions.
    I would also love to sell my pieces. I have only sold a few through the years and only a few prints through etsy. Would love to learn successful tips on selling in an online shop…

  3. April Gentry-Lawn

    Great video. Follow your heart. If you are interested in teaching and feel you are being called to do so go for it. Find your balance. If you still want more time to create make sure you have it. You could do workshops, e-courses an e-booklet. A youth cycle for the younger students, a cycle for total beginners and a cycle for the career changers. I am creating my own plan to offer workshops and retreats that will have guest artist, speakers, workshop leaders and healers by 2018. What your considering is something I would love to offer certainly by someone with your experience and enthusiasm. I am signed up to follow you. I look forward to seeing what you decide.

  4. Julie Brooks

    How do you find the right market, the right audience, for your work? This area I am really struggling with. Hugs and love to you Tiare, Julie xx

  5. Hi Tiare, I just love your art and what you have to say. I don’t draw and love to learn. I am a Gourd artist and I am 76 yrs young soon next month will be 77 yrs young. I am from NY my husband and I moved here 18 years ago. This is when I found out about Gourds and fell in love with them. What I would love to do is draw them on my Gourds. I have an Etsy shop, had it since 2007 I think. Etsy takes a lot of work to get yourself out there and be noticed. I don’t know how to market my work. This is where I will need help from you. Please take a look at my Etsy shop and tell me what you think. Yes you can be as honest as you please I can take it coming from you (LOL). I read what you said about your husband and I had to chuckle, my husband does the same thing so I don’t ask him anything and his only comment is he likes it.

  6. Patricia D Jones

    I would love to learn how to teach on line classes. I guess I better learn how to market my art because so many people keep saying to me, “have you thought about selling your work” or “how can I get a copy of that” or “is that for sell”.

    How hard is it to let go of something you have created that made you go, “Wow! I did that?”


  7. Tiare, I love your classes and your art. I continue to dabble with the idea of earning money selling my work, but find I am short on time to do so. I work full time and also struggle with online media. Tips on how you organize your work, how you approach updating your social media site, etc. would be very helpful.

  8. Tiare,
    I think you have read my mind. I’m one of those that ask you questions about the business of selling and making money with my art. I have sold a few pieces now and it feels great to know someone else gets your vision.
    My questions would be how to get a blog up and going, and photographing art to copy and sell. I agree with Patricia, that sometimes you really feel a piece that you have made, but I know there are ways to make good copies for prints. I’ve started webpages with two hosts and it just takes so much time to get things up and running. I know how to use Hootsuite, but that would be another good class to have.
    It would be interesting, after you do the class/course on the various questions asked to let the students do a practice post on your page so we can all see.
    Thanks for being so helpful and my Shero!!!
    Blessings Always,

  9. Evelyn Perry

    You started the website, Scraps of Color”, that reached thousands of viewers. I think it was a brilliant, creative idea because you connected with a niche audience and at the time when social media was in the neophyte stage.
    I would pay to take courses, or purchase articles, or e-books on how you started and gained your following. Your talents are diverse (scrapbooking, mixed media, etc.) and you are fortunate to have an established website. Teaching the “how to” in steps would be awesome

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