Vlog Week 3: I’m an Artist and I am Sensitive About My Shit

Something new. Something different.  Something to share my life as an artist, a little sweet tea to make you smile and a bit of me.

Come in, sit down grab a cuppa and sit with me.  It’s short and filled with happy!

This week, I share creepy technology and teaching people how to treat you.

…and if you missed last week’s vlog, you can check it out here! 

Additional note: You can do the same online.  You can state what you are expecting when you share your art online.  Just sharing, no opinion necessary, I’m a bit nervous about sharing…be kind etc. 

Have a super day,


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  1. Helen Louise Kemp

    Just watched on YouTube , you were awesome . I will admit my mum is my worst critic she has to find fault in what ever I do it’s why I stopped creating art until I had cancer but recently I’ve started saying Mum I’m not being nasty but you do things your way and I do things my way . My dad looked at me the last time I said it and said I’ve been waiting years for you to say that now what art stuff do you need for your art weekend , so something positive came out of me standing up for myself .

    • classygirl

      That is amazing and wonderful. Thanks for sharing. Yes, indeed something positive can come from teaching people how to treat you and it often does. Keep making art.

  2. Natalie

    I agree! I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my shit too! Which is why I don’t ask people for an opinion or input unless I want it. And I don’t usually ask people who are not artists because at that point it’s just a matter of taste and the only taste that matters is mine lol.

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