Drama does not just walking into your life…


Are you joining me for the My Favorite Quotes Challenge?  It’s easy each Monday, I will share a quote that speaks to me, you then let it inspire your creativity…card, art journal page, scrapbook whatever your heart desires.  Just create, have fun and share in the Embrace Your Art Facebook Group. 

Here’s this week’s quote. This week I decided to create a 4×6 card.  I’m letting this be a free flowing challenge..meaning I will create whenever I can, in the format I am currently feeling but sometimes when life gets busy I may simply share the quote and you get to play.

Creative Challenge: Splash color onto your page and see what happens.

Quote reads: “Drama does not just walk into your life, either you create it, invite it or associate with it.”

It’s amazing to me how many people talk about drama and not liking drama all the time.  Yet, their lives appear to be the most drama filled.  They are always involved with some drama, always listening to drama.  When things are not going well with you, with your relationships, when you have argumentative, dishonest, hurtful people around, don’t waste your time criticizing them.  Stop and take some time to evaluate and re-evaluate yourself and what role you play in creating your circumstances.  You always start with man/woman in the mirror. 

Happy Monday!  Is there anything that you will do differently this week, to make it a happier week for yourself?

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