Art, Sweet Tea and Me Weekly Vlog

Something new. Something different.  Something to share my life as an artist, a little sweet tea to make you smile and a bit of me.

Come in, sit down grab a cup of tea of coffee and sit with me.  It’s short and filled with happy!

This week, I share my first vlog and a little about planned vs unplanned art.

With that said, there is a thought process before creating.  There is the choosing of colors, mediums, perhaps stamps and stencils, ahead of time and sometimes, as I go along.  There is a “plan” when I teach but I don’t have all the steps written down or drawn out.  I mess it up all the time but make it work, as I am teaching.

I do find inspiration in other’s art and sometimes, I use my own creations as a plan to create something new and exciting.  Stay tuned, I am going to share this trick with you in the coming months.

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  1. Moanica

    How fun is this? And I love, love, love the explanation of “sweet tea” because you know my first thought was: “She only drinks water!” Seriously, this is a great way to showcase yet another side of your creativity.

  2. Bonnie Sato

    Thank you Tiare! Just watching you with your enthusiasm and authentic self gives me inspiration. I had an opportunity to pause and think about my “art” recently and how that art is like any other job that I have had, and often I treat the art experience as a job. You help me keep the perspective that art is more than a job but a unique form of expression. I had an idea for an art piece incorporating a lesson from “Hacking the Color Wheel” that came before your lesson I HAD to do that piece before I could watch your lesson or even check out your bvolg. I had this image in my mind. Until I did it I couldn’t do anything else.Now that the piece is completed, I am going to go paint some flowers,


    Hi Tiare!
    Loving this ‘sweet tea’! You have always been an inspiration for me and am looking forward to this new way to have your inspiration in my art!!

  4. Julie Kacinas

    Hi Tiare, I love your video Vlog 1 – Planned Art and just watched it. Its so wonderful to have you share your wonderful self with us and it so amazing to have you as my Art Teacher. I’m looking forward to seeing your Vlog’s. You’ve inspired me with your video’s, challenges and classes.

    Much love,


  5. I’ve been so busy that I’m just now catching up on my emails and I totally Love this Vlog!!!
    Great intro to what I know will be an amazing Adventure!!

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