Easy ideas for creating your first Art Journal Page.

Woohoo!  Another Throwback Thursday for you!  This is my very first Art Journal Page. Here’s what I had to say at that time…

“I think I’ve found a new love!  Just another way for me to experience my creativity and myself.

I enjoyed the process of misting, inking and stamping and then adding my own writing to this journal.  I am so excited that I almost cannot wait for the next moment when I can create another page. Perhaps, I’ll spend some time in the studio today!”

What is an art journal?
An art journal is a journal or diary that expresses your own artistic creativity and imagination. Using art and/or words to express your memories, thoughts and dreams. How and what you create is completely up to you.  There are NO rules.  You can use paint, mists, ink, stamps, markers, doodles, photos…anything YOU like.

Easy ideas for your first journal page:

  • It’s your book.  There are NO rules.
  • I bought a spiral bound artist’s sketch book with heavyweight paper.  I love how the paper feels after drying and it stands up to misting, painting, stamping and staining.
  • Start with what you have and play before feeling the need to run out a purchase products.  I used inks, mists, stamps, distress stain and paint.  All currently in my stash.
  • You can doodle, paint, draw, stamp, ink, write, mist…you name it the choice is yours.
  • Try playing with each medium alone or in combination.
  • Mix colors until it is pleasing to you.
  • Work with special thoughts, memories or dreams to inspire you to create. Or perhaps meaningful words like love, gratitude, happiness, faith, play, anger, joy, laughter, anxiety or any words that move you to express yourself in words and art.
  • Don’t be afraid to just start and let your creativity naturally flow without a definitive plan.
  • Enjoy yourself and express YOU!

Do you art journal?  What fun facts have you recorded?

Comments are welcomed and cheered.

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