Art Journaling 101: A Free Two Week Workshop


I love a good throwback and this is one of the best!  One of the very first workshops I put together.  Still one of my most popular.  Great way to get started and it’s here just for you.  Have fun!

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“i needed to hear that… i am so glad to have learned that it is an expression of me… and not a piece of art that i need to get the world’s approval of… thank you so much .. i look forward to more.”  rrhabit


Hello Beautiful Souls!
Are you ready for a GREAT experience that will expand your creativity and allow you to express yourself in words and art? Are you ready to let your creative hair down, explore, learn and grow? This workshop is about freedom, creative freedom.   This workshop is about happiness and growth. This workshop is about YOU! Great for those who are ready to get started and explore the art of art journaling! Time to dip your big toe into your own creativity.

What you can expect in the Art Journaling 101 Workshop: Express Yourself (your first lesson will arrive within 24 hours).

  • You’ll learn what art journaling is,  the reasons why you might want to art journal, the many ways you can art journal.
  • I’ll share techniques you can use to get started and get over the fear of the blank page.
  • You’ll learn how to find inspiration to keep you creating.
  • I’ll share the tools I use along with additional tools that are available for your creativity.
  • You’ll learn great techniques for creating amazing backgrounds again and again.
  • I’ll share techniques that will help you allow your emotion to flow onto the page.
  • Great art journaling techniques that you can use again and again.
  • We’ll spend some time getting our hands dirty and actually creating some wonderful pages.

I’ll provide

  • A daily email to educate and/or inspire you for 14 days.
  • Sample art journal pages and ideas.
  • Video tutorials.
  • This workshop is GREAT for beginners or anyone who is just needs a jump start to creating.
  • Expect to feel good, to feel happy, to feel creative!
  • Want to see samples of my work?  Check out my GALLERY. 

Learn.  Create.  Be Inspired. Be Happy!


Questions? Just ask.    CONTACT ME.

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