Blue Jeans, Baby!

November is here!  And we are grateful to JAM!

Here’s how it works each Friday throughout 2016 I will release a Journal About Me Prompt, as well as a creative challenge.  Each week I will include a picture of the round page I created based on the prompt and challenge.  My share may include a video, step out photos or guest artist post.

November 18 Prompt 47: Last thing you bought.   Creative Challenge: Drips of paint.

jam-47-jeans jeans-1 jeans-2

jeans-4 jeans-5

About today’s prompt:  I just celebrated 10 years of creativity, sistahood with these wonderful women.  We held a massive celebration: retreat from Friday-Monday at a lakehouse, photoshoot(jeans, black dresses and jammies), catered all meals, Lip Sync Battle, auction and just a bunch of fun and foolishness.  So amazing, so wonderful.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I don’t wear jeans.  I usually cannot find a pair that I like….the fit/look.  So I just stay away. However, they wanted jeans and t-shirts so I went on the hunt and I found these.  I like!  Looking good.  I bought two.  So I guess that means I do wear jeans.  LOL!  Look out world.

No page for me…working on my year end stuff, holiday promotions, upcoming workshops etc…as well as my 2017 artsy plans.  So today, I promise a prompt and challenge each Friday…but I don’t promise that I will always have a page but I will have some happy to share. 

Supplies used:  None…but these are a few of my faves. 

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What do I do next:

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One Comment

  1. Hi Tiare,

    What I wonderful pictures of you and your friends, I can tell by the look of you all that you had a great time.
    You look good in jeans.
    I thought I was the only person in the world who don’t wear jeans (pants) and now that you wear them I think I will be the only one left hahaha
    I am having so much fun working on the Gratitude Journal that I almost forgot the JAM journal, I am 4 behind but I am going to work on them this week.
    The last thing I bought was present for Sint Nicolaas.
    If you don’t know him, you can compaire him to Santa Claus, but he brings presents on the 5th of December.
    So I made a page with an image of the Sint.

    Greetings from Jolande

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