Simple Splotch Flowers

It’s an AMAZING August!  JAM baby!

Here’s how it works each Friday throughout 2016 I will release a Journal About Me Prompt, as well as a creative challenge.  Each week I will include a picture of the round page I created based on the prompt and challenge.  My share may include a video, step out photos or guest artist post.

Aug 12, Prompt 33: Your hair.  Creative Challenge: Flowers.

Aug 12 Hair and Flowers Page

About today’s prompt:  So very, very annoyed!  I planned to record for you, even bought a new camera.  However, although it stated it worked with the Mac operating system…it does not do so easily and in my case not at all at this time.  Played with it for too long to not get anywhere.  Therefore, I just did a quick page. Not quite what I intended but a little inspiration for you, I hope.  

My hair is short, curly, sweet…BEAUTIFUL!

Supplies used: 

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  1. I can totally understand that you a very annoyed, I hope you wil get it all working.
    Your hair and your page are beautiful.
    Is the prompt splotch flowers or (any) flowers?

    Greetings from Jolande

  2. Annell

    This works for me Tiare. I hope you get your money back on that camera. I hope you are many, many blessings today because they cancel out the bad stuff!

  3. My hair is wavy and dyed.
    I was very young when my hair became grey and since that day let it dye at the hairdresser, but always in my natural color; very dark brown.
    On my page I glued a picture from my hair with a wreath of daisies in it.
    For this challenge I stamped flowers, colored them and made a new wreath of them.

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