Embrace Your Art 2016: Journal About Me(JAM) July 1

Jumping July is here!  This is my JAM!

Here’s how it works each Friday throughout 2016 I will release a Journal About Me Prompt, as well as a creative challenge.  Each week I will include a picture of the round page I created based on the prompt and challenge.  My share may include a video, step out photos or guest artist post.

July 1, Prompt 27: Your faith or beliefs?   Creative Challenge: Ink or Paint Splatters

JAM July 1 Pagae

About today’s prompt: I chose a quote I believe in…What you speak about you bring about.  Choose your words wisely, especially those you speak to yourself and about yourself.  

Supplies used: 

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What do I do next:

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  1. Hello Tiare,
    The last 2 months I traveled a lot and the last place I visited was Dublin, Ireland.
    During traveling in Cuba I got an inflamation ankle joint because it was overworked.
    As I could not rest a lot, because I was on a bustour, it was even more overworked when I finaly got home, so now I have to sit with my leg up a lot.
    That makes it very difficult to make art, because I cannot jump up and down to collect or clean supplies.
    But some prompts I can make because I can stay at my table without moving a lot and this promt was one of them.
    So my catching up with the prompts will take a bit longer than I planed, but I will make them all, because I like working in this journal so much.
    Greetings from Jolande

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