10 Cool Ways to Use Beads in Your Art

JAMMING June has arrived!  That’s my JAM!

Here’s how it works each Friday throughout 2016 I will release a Journal About Me Prompt, as well as a creative challenge.  Each week I will include a picture of the round page I created based on the prompt and challenge.  My share may include a video, step out photos or guest artist post.

Jun 17: Prompt 25: Biggest achievement or recent achievement. Creative Challenge: Use Beads 

Bonus idea: Use beads to make a cool shaker!

JAM Jun 17 Bonus

About today’s prompt: Fun to share many ideas with you using beads. I thought we needed a fun afternoon together.  We could all use some love and laughs.  Thanks to everyone who joined me live via Periscope. 

By the way a recent achievement for me was successfully completing The Whole 30.  I lost 12 lbs., 9 inches, gained clarity, added 11 great recipes/meals ideas, eliminated digestive issues and provided myself with  a whole lot of self-love!   Although, we reached the 30 day mark, we continue the journey. 

My favorite artsy supplies can be found here!

What do I do next:

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  1. Hi Tiare,

    Our son Julian is a little autistic and was in a special primary school.
    When he finished that and had to go to a kind of a high school for ‘special kids’ we noticed that everything they did there he already knew or could do, so there was no growing for him there anymore.
    He stoped with school and I homeschooled him for years, thought him to read , write a little bit of English, mathematics etc.
    He learned so much more than when he had stayed in the school, and I think that is my biggest archievment.
    I made a flower of beads to symbolize Grow.

    Greetings from Jolande

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