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I am continuing to enjoy the lessons in the One BADASS Art Journal Workshop.  What a wonderful gift to myself to not only host, teach in but to participate in the AMAZING workshop.

We have each put together a BADASS Journal to hold our art.  One of the things I did that I think is pretty BADASS is to create a few pages with pockets.   This has allowed me to do cool things like create interactive pages with pull out pieces.  Check it out!  So fun. So BADASS.

Week 4 My Take PanArt Lesson

Of course, the journal has plenty of room for play and completing the lessons.  This is my 4th lesson(this one from Cristin Stevenson) completed for the workshop and I am moving right along, trying new things, stretching the possibilities and creating BADASS art along the way.    I am so grateful for the AWESOME artist instructors who have and will be providing great lessons.  And I am so excited to bring the students one of my very own lessons next week.  Woohoo!

Thanks for looking.  Have fun. Make art.

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