7 of My Favorite Pieces of Art

I’ve been sharing my art pretty regularly on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  However, I haven’t been sharing much on my blog.  I realize that many of you visit regularly to see what I’ve been up to.  Therefore, I have decided that I would share my art from the past week, once a week…probably on Wednesday. LOL!  It might be one piece or it might be 7.

Today, I play a bit of catch up and share my faves so far, this year.

Sisters Custom

Custom piece I made to represent the clients lovely daughters.



Misty.  Inspired by Misty Copeland the first African American Prima Ballerina at the American Ballet Theatre.  Prints available here.


Lessons Learned

Lessons I’ve learned.  There are so many more.



Fearless.  Be fearless in your art be willing to play and cover up your beautiful art, your beautiful face and see what follows.


Face 1

Another fun face.  Having a great time make faces in All About that Face 2016.


Badass Face

So totally different than my usual face.  Well that’s what it means to make One BADASS Art Journal  try new things, break the rules.


Angel of Love

Angel of Love.  She is spreading love all over the world and she has 11 Angel Sistahs coming your way.

Stay tuned.  More artsy fun coming to you, next week!

Have an AWESOME day!

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