Embrace Your Art 2016: Journal About Me(JAM) – January 15

Happy, artFULL 2016!  The JAM continue!

Here’s how it works each Friday throughout 2016 I will release a Journal About Me Prompt, as well as a creative challenge.  Each week I will include a picture of the round page I created based on the prompt and challenge.  My share may include a video, step out photos or guest artist post.

January 15 Prompt 3: Words that Describe You –  Creative Challenge: Use a brayer

JAM Week 3 Describe You and a Brayer Page

About today’s prompt: Really?  There are a million words that describe me and only one page to add them.  Therefore, I only chose a few.

Supplies used: 

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What do I do next:

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  1. Roberta

    Today’s “circle” of JAM is really a Creative work of art. You demonstrated how to use a metal die in a way I would have never imagined. Thank you. Stretch those creatively spent dollars. I finally have gelatos, so I can’t wait to get started. Thanks Tiare. Going to love this project!!!!

    • classygirl

      Glad you are inspired. I actually was using a mask, in a different way but you could do the same with a die! Woohoo! For new ideas! EnJOY!

  2. Brenda

    Tiare, also do you use Gesso on each of your page first? what if you use watercolors on watercolor paper will that go ok on gessoed paper? Brenda

    • classygirl

      I typically gesso first. However, it is not necessary. Gesso helps your supplies to spread a bit more instead of just soaking right into the page.

  3. Paula Devi Wagner

    I am going to love doing this one. I say that every week and I try to imagine what the whole year will bring. This week for me is a great learning – this is the first tutorial I’ve watch that really shows how to use gelatos. I have so many but hardly use them because I was doing it badly. I love my Brayer & never thought to use it with gelatos – it’s a new world. Did you create the lettering of the words? I also checked out the glue dots – you use yours from a plastic thingy? Didn’t see that on Amazon. Tiare, this is a great creative and learning experience for me and all the other tribe members but every week I sense a deeper theme running through it all. Self Empowerment – this week I get to say things about myself without any caveats of – but…
    You’re an artist, a teacher and a healer ??.

    • classygirl

      Wonderful! I love to share and I am glad you are learning ways to use your supplies. My glues dots are old…that is the last bag. They now come in a roller. LOL! Thank you so much for all of your kind words.

  4. Samantha

    Love the video and your work, I have to agree with the other comment I would not of thought of the die and spray for your page. It’s funny I have all these things but I need to get more creative when it comes to using them in different ways, it just blows me away I see someone doing it and I always think why did I not know that. ..I guess I have a long way to go on being creative with my items. ..loving the jam 2016. ….

  5. Y enjoy a lot doing these circles. mixed media but with my scrapbook’s supplies! It’s great to go dicovering & learning with you !
    Thanks a lot!

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