How to Remove Paint and Gesso from Clothing with Ease!

Spot Remover

So excited to share this with you today.  I gave away this Grandma’s Secret Spot Remover several years ago at one of my crops.  So very glad I kept a bottle for myself.   This week, while painting, I had my “oh so cute” black top.  Although, something inside said take it off, I kept it on, thinking, “I will put on an apron and I will be fine.”  So off to the studio I went, happily painting along.  When done, I looked at my black top and not only did I have white gesso on the sleeve but on the front of the shirt, as well.  So much for apron protection.  I surely gotta listen to that little voice called intuition a bit more.   Uuuugggghhh, disappointed and thinking, “nooo, I don’t want this to become a paint top.”  I have plenty of those.   LOL!  I took off the shirt, put it in the laundry room and felt defeated.  That was on Tuesday.

Friday comes and Friday is laundry day. I look at my shirt not feeling very hopeful at all.  Fingers crossed that by some miracle when done the gesso would be gone.  Not even a little bit!  LOL!  Then I look at the lid of the washing machine to see if it has suggestions (there is a stain remover chart on it), nothing…and then I see Grandma’s Secret Spot Remover.  Hmmmm?  I grab it and read the label, “removes paint.”  Feeling a bit unsure but worth a try.  I squeeze a little on, work it into the fabric and let it sit for 10 minutes and wash as usual.  Take out and it is almost all gone!  Woohoo!  I thought, well I didn’t feel like I worked it in as well as I could so I will wash it one more time.  This time I worked it in and saw the paint/gesso…same thing…breaking up.  I washed my top and now it is as good as new!  No signs of the gesso!  YES!!!!

Lesson learned!  I promise to put on one of my, “paint shirts” the next time I paint.

Seriously, every artist/crafter/color lover should own a bottle of Grandma’s Secret Stain Remover!


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  1. Nedra Jones Smith

    Hi, Tiare. I use gesso before painting with acrylics, and I never knew about the spot remover. I know about those “paint tops.” 🙂 Thank you for all the tips and resources you share!

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