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Hi!  Welcome to the Gratitude Junk Journal Workshop Blog Hop!  Join me on a quick, artsy journey towards gratitude and meeting the 8 AWESOME instructors of this workshop! And for a chance to WIN a free spot for you and a friend in the Gratitude Junk Journal Workshop,


If you are starting here just follow the next link below.  I have included a list of all participating artists instructor links for your convenience here.

Gratitude. A feeling of appreciation or thanks. So simple, yet so mighty. It becomes mightier as we practice it in our lives. Growing it in a group makes it all the stronger.   This journal will help to reinforce it and give us a great reference that keeps us grounded.  Just imagine after one month how your attitude, those around you and your life will change.  Change your heart. Change your mind. Change your life. A month of gratitude. A month of miracles.


Today I share with you a piece of my art that I am grateful for and why.  It’s the Gratitude Junk Journal I made back in 2013.  I talked about it in this video.  It sits on my shelf and it makes my heart sing every time I see it.  It is simply yummy and chock full of gratitude and junk.  Teehee!  Seriously, it is simply the best.  I love to open it and touch all the textures and read my thoughts within.  It brings me a smile and beautiful memory on any given day.  I cannot wait to do this again!

Gratitude Journal 2013 Collage

Now for the other good stuff.  Here is how you can win A FREE SPOT FOR YOURSELF AND A FRIEND, share the link to the Gratitude Junk Journal Workshop Page,   Share on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and be sure to use #gratitudejunkjournal and tag your friend when sharing.  Feel free to use the following button when sharing!  One lucky winner and a friend she tags will win.  Post and tag one friend in each new comment for more chances to win! Contest is open October 14-18!  So hurry get your entries in!  Remember, #gratitudejunkjournal that is how we will find you!  And no worries, if you have already registered, your workshop fee will be refunded. Easy peasy!

Gratitude Journal Sample Work Button

Oh but wait there’s more!  Just for being an early bird registrant you have the chance to win this great prize package too!  Everyone, who signs up between 10/12 and 10/22 will be entered to win!  It’s raining goodies!  Hallelujah!

Gratitude prize 2


Well it is time to move on to the next blog to see more art and learn more about our AMAZING artist instructors.

Next on the hop is:

I am totally grateful that you have joined us on this hop and I hope to see you in the Gratitude Junk Journal Workshop!


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