Creative Prompts to Help You Make More Art!

JOYful, Artsy Monday!  It’s time for 7 more creative prompts for the Embrace Your Art 365 Challenge. Each Monday, I pull 7 prompts and we create all week long. 365 days. 365 prompts. 365 pieces of art. New here, feel free to jump right in and start creating or learn more here!    Well here we go…

Here are the prompts for this week for your convenience:

  • Prompt 278: 3 tools or supplies only
  • Prompt 279: Sadness
  • Prompt 280: Tear
  • Prompt 281: Cardstock only
  • Prompt 282: Dance
  • Prompt 283: Chalk
  • Prompt 284: Beauty

About today’s prompt: Y’all know I love my Splotch Art!  Another beautiful, splotch art flower.  Learn more about splotch art here. 

What do I do next:

  • If you have already joined the challenge then it is time to create!
  • First time here?  Learn more about the challenge.
  • I’d love to hear what prompts you’d like to see. Suggest prompts here. 
  • Want the prompts delivered directly to your inbox?  Never miss a prompt again. IT’S FREE!  Sign up below. 

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