Mission Accomplished!

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Family Reunion 3Yay!  I survived my hubby’s family reunion.  Armed with a goal and a plan, I returned home with the same pounds I left with.  Didn’t bring home any additions to the bunch.  LOL!  Out for breakfast out each day, barbecue dinners, dessert each night, an all you can eat buffet(which I haven’t done in years…I don’t do buffets and who really needs all you can eat anyway..so ridiculous) and of course, I had to have some ice cream. Yes!  I survived!

How I survived a weekend of nothing but food, is quite simple.  I ate mainly protein (meat), fruits and veggies.  I stayed away from starchy veggies and carbs/bread.  I passed for the most part on these things, in order to enjoy dessert.  I made a choice to have either, or but not both.  Worked like a charm.  Of course, I did not have huge amounts of dessert either.  I practiced portion control.

Did I feel deprived?  Not even a little bit.  I had veggie omelettes for breakfast, water was my beverage of choice, I loaded up on veggies wherever I could.  I enjoyed beignets, peach cobbler, cake and pie.  At the buffet I went straight for the veggies and loaded up on cabbage, steamed broccoli, squash and zucchini and included a small side of baked chicken, sweet potato and I did enjoy a cornbread pancake and passed on the dessert.  1 trip, 1 plate and I was satisfied…very satisfied.  Not really sure how people, pile high their plates and then go back for seconds and dessert.  Tummy ache and indigestion for sure. Two things, I ‘d rather not have.

Woot!  Woo!  Feeling happy.  Feeling accomplished.  Feeling light, happy and free!  And I had a super fun time with his family and friends.
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  1. That’s a wonderful accomplishment, I’m afraid I wouldn’t have done as well. Sounds like you had a great time too! Love that top picture with you showing a little leg, you sassy woman!

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