Great Prompts to Inspire Your Creativity and Finding Your Style

Yahoo!  It’s Monday!  It’s time for 7 more creative prompts for the Embrace Your Art 365 Challenge.  Each Monday, I pull 7 prompts and we create all week long. 365 days. 365 prompts. 365 pieces of art. New here, feel free to jump right in and start creating or learn more here!    Well here we go…

This week I pulled the prompts LIVE via Periscope.  I actually pulled them on Thursday, so those who follow me on Periscope got them first.  Yep. Yep.  I will be pulling via Periscope each week on Fridays but they will not get posted here until Monday.  So if you want a sneak peek each week, follow me on Periscope.  Download it in your app store!  Check out the replay below.  Surely not as fun as the actual….there is great interaction but you cannot see it on this replay.  Following on Periscope will allow you to participate and see the actual chat, chat along, send up hearts, right when it is happening!

Here are the prompts for this week for your convenience:

  • Prompt 215: Capture the spirit of one day, use any media.  Thanks Stephanie Loomis
  • Prompt 216: Stencils
  • Prompt 217: Mini pockets.  Thanks Carolyn Hartley.
  • Prompt 218: Baby Wipe
  • Prompt 219: 1 Word
  • Prompt 220: She Nose/Knows
  • Prompt 221: Templates and Stamps

On vacation since last Thursday….no time to create prompts for this week.  I will be back creating later on this week!  Have fun!!!!

What do I do next:

  • If you have already joined the challenge then it is time to create!
  • First time here?  Learn more about the challenge.
  • I’d love to hear what prompts you’d like to see. Suggest prompts here. 
  • Want the prompts delivered directly to your inbox?  Never miss a prompt again. IT’S FREE!  Sign up below. 

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