Get Better Results Through Planning

On Saturday I celebrated my 11th Anniversary with a fun-filled, ALL day crop from 10am-10pm and I am so excited.  11 years in the industry.  There were tons of prizes, games, giveaways and plenty of food and snacks.

Many think of the weekend as “free” time, a time to let go of their healthy eating habits, to indulge in treats and many end up overeating and sabotaging their weeklong weight loss efforts.  Yes, in just one weekend you can eat enough calories to reverse ALL of your efforts from the week!

At the anniversary crop I served lunch, dinner and snacks.  Lunch consisted of sandwiches, chips, cookies and fruit.  Dinner was pasta, breadsticks and veggies.  The afternoon snack was pretzels and chocolate.

I brought salad for both lunch and dinner.  This allowed me to indulge in the sweet treats including dark chocolate dipped strawberries and oreos, made on-site!

Let’s face it, crops are filled with tons of chocolate, high sodium, high fat goodies.  Never, exactly “health” friendly.  Bringing my own eats and planning my day means I am able to enjoy my cropping time and time with friends…guilt free, with treats on the side!
Here are few pics and video from the AMAZING weekend.




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Woot!  Woo!  Feeling happy, again.  Returned home with what I left with, no extra pounds.  Now onto shedding a few, one week at a time.
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