Umbrella, Shoes and a Winner!

Prompts 187 Umbrella and 189 Shoes…ok so this is inspired by crazy birds and artsy pal, Vicki Renee Ezell who had been stamping and coloring crazy birds. Well, I wanted a crazy bird but I prefer to paint than to stamp and you know I love my splotch art with my Inktense.  So here we go.  One problem, I started to make a different kind of bird, switched to a crazy bird and now it looks like a fish.  Hehehehe! 😜I guess it’s a fish bird/ bird fish.  Either way, I LOVE it! So cute. Making more of these for sure.  What do you think?  More birds and fish fun?  Or Tiare go on somewhere with that?  LOL!

supplies used: Inktense Bars, PITT Pen, handmade art journal. 

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  1. Love, Love, LOVE your little bird/fish! I’ve been thinking about doodling my own too. I love the Crazy Birds but I don’t want mine to be like everyone else’s.

  2. Vicki

    I love the bird. So glad you are up and running. I am going out of town for an Art Weekend in Baltimore Maryland and will catch up and watch streams and videos and check out the prompts. I am a few weeks behind on our daily but I will get caught up. GOOOOOOOOO Tiare

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