Mindless Eating: The Power of Food

Or maybe I should say that you are more powerful than food.  This week, I decided to tackle my mindless, thoughtless eating habits.  You know that habit of somehow finding yourself in the kitchen, opening cabinets and the fridge looking for something to eat although you just ate an hour ago.  You are not hungry.  It is not meal time. You mindlessly wander into the kitchen, no thought, just out of habit and/or boredom to grab a snack and a few extra pounds and inches.  So very sick of this cycle.

Or perhaps you are at a gathering.  You ate before you arrived or you’ve already had your fill but somehow you find yourself constantly hovering around the food, grabbing bites, as if you have no other choice but to constantly eat, adding pounds, inches and maybe even a belly ache.

I am so f*ing sick of it.  It is absolutely ridiculous that we give so much power to food.  It is an inanimate object…although it tastes good…LOL!  It has no power.  Not over my mind.  I am more powerful than any food you put before me.

This week, I am putting that knowledge to use.  I often find myself in the kitchen when I am not hungry.  I know this is a challenge I must conquer, if I am to reach and maintain my weight loss goals.  I have set my eating times for 9, noonish, afternoon snack about 3:30, dinner around 7.  Any others times I should NOT be eating.

It’s Wednesday…so it’s day 3 of breaking this habit.  I broke it before.  I need to break again and forever. I have found myself getting up to go to the fridge or cabinet but quickly reminded myself that I should not be in here, found something to busy my mind and/or hands or called a friend.

My mind is my most powerful asset. I will use it well.  I will use it for my health.  I will use it positively.

I am more powerful than any food.  I eat breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack and I am quite happy and satisfied!

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