I Invited My Wildness to Play

I am continuing my journey of practicing to use more writing in my journal and combining it with my “splotch art.”  I am truly enjoying the exercise of bringing them both together and exploring my feelings and writing more.  Such a wonderful way of self-expression, as well as creative freedom.

Journaling reads:  If I invited my wildness to play she would lend me to sexy, sweet vibrant love and laughter, to colors, to outrageous moments, to freedom of expression, to boldness.  We would dance in the wind, dip our toes in the water, wear short sweet skirts and big bold words. Flowers bloom, stars twinkle.  Life lights up with the freedom of possibility.  She rises. She is wild. She is free.

Mmmmmm!  Every time I read this it sets my heart on fire. It makes me feel bold, brave and creative.  So much of this is me and I continue to embrace each part of her, more and more.

How do you embrace your wild side and express freedom in creativity?

Keep creating with me!

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