How I Get Things DONE!

Every night before I go to sleep, I resolve that the next morning I will wake up and I will go for my walk/jog or workout, no questions asked.  Every morning, when I wake up I pay myself first, in time.  I spend time in dedication to my own health, happiness, positivity and love.  I get my ass up and I go out for my walk/jog/workout.  Lately, I have been pushing myself to go a little further, a little harder.  What I noticed is that my determination in my exercise goals, seems to affect my healthy eating and my business goals.  When I push in one area it naturally flows into others.  Like the quote..“how you do anything is how you do everything.”

I absolutely LOVE how I feel when I return home.  I feel accomplished and determined and then I feel determined to eat healthy (and NOT screw up all that effort for something stupid that lasts only a second on my lips…and you know the rest) and follow my plan for the day.  Not only that, I feel determined to get my business to-do list done, as well.  WIN. WIN. WIN.

It feels simply AMAZING!  Productive, happy, healthy, positive, wonderful days! More please!

You can do it too.  Each morning, decide on YOU first!  Let self-love and determination guide you through the day.   After all, it feels so damn good!

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