7 Super Fun Prompts from Some Super Fun Girls

Woohoo!  It’s Monday!  You want that means?  It’s time for 7 more creative prompts for the Embrace Your Art 365 Challenge.  Each Monday, I pull 7 prompts and we create all week long. 365 days. 365 prompts. 365 pieces of art. New here, feel free to jump right in and start creating or learn more here!    Well here we go…

I am away from home, so I thought it would fun to let the girls I am retreating with choose the prompts.  We are busy making art and scrapbook pages and having a fabulous time!  They made suggestions for this week and next week.  Woot!

Here are the prompts for this week for your convenience:

  • Prompt 194: Vellum
  • Prompt 195: Caramel and Cream
  • Prompt 196: Bugs
  • Prompt 197: Rhythm
  • Prompt 198: The Playground
  • Prompt 199: New Food Experience
  • Prompt 200: Legs

What do I do next:


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