7 Must Haves for Weight Loss Success

It’s my second time around and it will be the best time!  I’ve done this before but like so many others I got comfortable and lost my way.  I lost 120 lbs.  Such a proud moment but then an injury, non-activity and the unhealthy eating seeped in slowly but surely.  My portions grew larger, right along with my waistline. I gained some of that 120 back.  I kept telling myself that something was wrong and that it wasn’t me.  Ha!

What I know for sure is, “If it is not medical, it is YOU!”  It’s time to get it right once and forever.  I’ve been getting better at this and now I need to get all my pieces for success in line and roaring.

While I realize most of you are here for the art, part of my art is creating my life by design.  Living with intention and creating a healthy temple that allows me to enjoy my art even more. It is building a lifestyle that embraces all of my art including the art of a happy, healthy body, heart, mind and soul.

This part, this sharing is a part of “my” 7 must haves for weight loss success.  These must haves don’t only work for me, they work for many.  I promise not to get too crazy posting about weight loss all the time.  LOL!  For now, I plan to post on Wednesday only.  So comeback on Wednesday, if you need a little pick me up.

Tiare’s 7 Must Haves for Weight Loss Success:

  • Positive Thinking – be kind to yourself when you talk to yourself.  Use positive words and actions.  Instead of saying how “hard” everything is and reinforcing negative thoughts and feelings tell yourself how much you enjoy eating healthy, you enjoy exercising.  Don’t judge.  Just do it and see where it takes you.
  • Clean Eating – Lean protein, fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, beans, 100% whole grains and ????

  • Exercise – get off your ass and MOVE!  Walk, clean, jog, take a class, dance.
  • Art – journal about it, take progress photos.  Such a huge part of the journey and keeping and getting motivated.  Like in the picture above, that layout was my jumpstart to starting again. It was the words that made the difference.  If I could do it then, I can do it again!  YES, I CAN! So glad I journaled the journey.
  • Healthy Immersion – I share it, talk about it, write about it, read about it, hang out with other people who eat healthy and exercise. It keeps me focused and accountable.
  • Meal Planning (Automation & Portion Control) – automate meals by planning your days and keeping certain meals easy and the same.  Smoothies for breakfast, salad for lunch, takes the guesswork out of planning. Measure. Measure. Measure!
  • My Weight Loss Tribe – I need you.  I always need you.  I need people on this journey with me to encourage, to inspire, to motivate me, to take this journey with me, alongside me.  It’s always more fun with friends.

Did you notice CLEAN EATING was in bold?  That’s because this is the area I want to focus, to learn, build and grow.  Weight loss for me has always been about more than fitting into a smaller size.  That for me is the bonus.  I know a little about clean eating.  However, I want to truly dive into it, learning foods, drinks, recipes, desserts that will fit into my new healthy, happy lifestyle.   I want to learn more about how to enjoy food in a different yet healthier way.  I plan to share what I learn along the way.    Is this something you would like to learn more about?

Sign up for my updates below.  I’ll be sharing what I learn, the do’s and don’ts, recipes, ideas, tips and more of clean eating!


Quieting the inner critic. Embracing the artist within….creating art mind, BODY and soul!

PS.  I think this works well for Prompt 199 New Food Experiences.  Clean Eating Journey.

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  1. Lynn B

    Tiare – I am so sharing your journey! I had lost over 50 pounds and then with illness, inactivity and portion control gained it back. I am on the journey again and am down a out 46 pounds from December and have about 30-40 more to go.

    I was really down yesterday and encouragement from my tribe has kept me going…and this morning the scale confirmed it!

    Thank you for sharing your story!!!
    Lynn B

  2. Marian Brown

    Tiare, thank you so much for sharing your journey. I am on my second journey as well but struggling. I had lost 56 lbs but have put half of it back on 🙁 ,Your encouragement I think / hope will help me to really get into the right head space and loose the 60+ lbs I still need to loose. It is hard when illness, necessary medication, are fighting against you, but I WILL succeed. Thank you again.

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