5 Things that Make Me Happy

Have you noticed that I do not often write on my art.  That I don’t use words very often in my art journal.  I am just not much of a “wordy” girl, yet I enjoy talking.  LOL!  Weird huhn?  I am challenging myself to incorporate more words into my journal.  I am journaling for the next 30 days and going to play with various art techniques.  So, I guess I am really challenging myself to do 2 things.  Play with varying techniques and to write more in my journal.  Not sure where this is going to go but it will be fun to follow.

This is my 3rd page this month. More to come.

Do you use words often in your art?  Tell me below.  Share a link to a piece of your art with words. I’d love to see.

Have a super day,


quieting the inner critic. embracing the artist within.

supplies used: inktense blocks, PITT Pen, Pastel Pencil, white paint marker. 

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