Someone decided to sh^* on my parade!

Some of you may have known that on June 8, 2015, I found out the server that hosts my web site was hacked.

Well, I have good news and bad news. The bad news is the hack did indeed destroy my blog. It is gone. I am emotional. I am nauseous. The good news is, I get to start fresh and build a better blog and site. I am excited and nervous. This will take some time but I will start later today or tomorrow. There is much to be done. But for the moment, I need to sit with this and allow my emotions to flow. Thank you for all the kind words and well wishes, while I waited to see if it could be restored.

The entire server farm was hacked. Over $2 million in damages. Many small businesses affected, this was not a personal attack.  Although, there are moments when it feels like it.

The hubs will need his superman cape on tonight. My emotions are a bit raw right now.

Please keep in mind that this means the links to sign up for classes are broken and will be restored shortly.  I hope to have it back online by July 1, if not a little sooner.  

Thanks for your patience and understanding.




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